Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One really pissed-off seagull ...

On the second-last day of school before the March break, I looked everywhere for my brand new bottle of White-Out.

Yesterday, I found it.

I was already running late to get to my cousin's, and I tend to get a little clumsy when I'm in a hurry. I was heading out the front door, slammed it shut (it doesn't close well this time of year), and too late noticed that my purse was in the way. And that's when I heard a gawdawful crunching/breaking sound.


Frantically, I dug through my purse and pulled it out, noticing a weird smell as I did so. No, it turned on. No, the lens was fine. No, the battery wasn't leaking. And all the while, the weird smell grew stronger.

And that's when the mess finally seeped through the front pocket of my purse.

And within a millisecond, it was EVERYWHERE.

My beloved "travel tote" that I use as a purse came from WallyWorld, so I can probably replace it.

The spare camera battery is now almost unrecognizable, but I cleaned out the contacts before it dried, so I think it will be alright. Everything else that was in that pocket, of course, is a write-off, except for the flash drive, which had its cover on it for once.

The gloves are a mess, but I can still wear them in the car, which is where I need them the most. (The fuzzy ones don't have a good grip.)

But my coat. Ohhhhhhh, my coat.

It looks like I got into a fight with a seriously pissed-off seagull. And lost.

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